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what can we do for you?


Did you just have the best game idea in the world and want to validate it? We can make you a prototype!


Do you want to be a game developer / artist but you don't have any idea on how to start your career? Join our team, we'll train you for FREE!


We can teach a course about game development or related topics in your incubator, school or laboratory

VR Demos and applications

More and more people are using Virtual Reality to market their business in a powerful way NOW. What about YOU? If you want to impress your customers and make sure they'll never forget you, a Virtual Reality demo of your game/software is what you need right now

Business games

Are you a business willing to reduce costs while improving performance and morale of your team? Then a business game is what you're looking for!


Do you plan to publish your game in Italy, France, England, Spain or Russia? Then we can localize it so you can get more customers!

2D Arts

If you have an idea for a new character, environment or just want a portrait of yourself, we can do a Concept art or a pixel art of it so you can show it to your friends or customers!

Sounds & Soundtracks

Music is a piece of art that goes in the ears straight to the heart, and we can compose it for you so your game sounds AWESOME

Our Games

What have we done so far (B2B and projects under NDAs are not included)

Galactic Fighters

Space shooter bullet hell arcade

Hunt For Gods

Strategic Online Battle Arena with asymmetrical VR support

The Saviors - Dawn Is Coming

Survival Horror Arcade VR


We're a gaming studio based in Italy & Denmark and made up of 12 people from all over the country.

We develop games and VR experiences for competitive players while training the game developers and artists of tomorrow.

Our Vision is to bring competitive gaming (e-sports) on a new level of engagement, becoming the Polar Star of the videogames world.

If you're an anspiring Game developer or artist, you can try to join us. We'll teach you how to make successful games and help you in developing your career.

Founding Team

Those who made it a reality

Giulia Loiacono

HR Manager & Translator

Paolo Abela

CEO & Lead Programmer

Alisia d'Amato

Musician & Composer

Silvio Di Matteo

CTO & Game designer

Other Mentors

Those who make you a pr0 with the Founders

Domenico Piludu

3D Artist

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