(Who doesn't like them? We do!)

  • Galactic Fighters

    Galactic Fighters is a 3D space shooter arcade bullet hell videogame in first and third person. Will you manage to get through hordes of aliens and bosses ready to destroy you and the whole universe? Choose your spaceship power it up: the fate of the universe is in your hands.

  • Hunt For Gods [VR Support]

    Hunt For Gods is the strategic roguelike battle arena game in which You can choose to be a God, the strategic player that guides the team, or an Hunter, the brave warrior that fights in the arena. Face the other teams, the Guardians and collect the 8 divine pages while stomping you enemies with your favourite characters. Or die trying ;)

  • The Saviors - Dawn Is Coming [VR]

    Status: In development (Already Greenlit)

    "The Saviors - Dawn is coming" is a survival horror VR arcade game in which you have to face several waves of very angry zombies. Luckily, bullets guns and explosives are your friends. If you want to blow some zombies up in VR, this is the game you're looking for!

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